Saturday, 27 May 2017

Deep State - Heavy Lunch

1.    Who are Deep State?

Deep State are a lo-fi, noise-pop, punk, indie-rock band from Athens, Georgia. Heavy Lunch (May’17) is the second single from their second album THOUGHT GARDEN (April’17). 

2. What kind of tune is Heavy Lunch

Heavy Lunch veers between basement punk and noise pop while racing along melodically at full-tit. No frills and energetic. 

3. Who do Deep State sound like? 

BRONCHO, The Libertines, and Cloud Nothings.

4. What have the press got to say?

“A high energy rocker that feels akin to the maxed out, lo-fi sprints of WAVVES” – Punk News.

“A deceptively simple, likely centerpiece single” – Best Of New Orleans.  

“Raw, live sound” – Punk Online. 

5. Which bands have inspired Deep State?

Deep State are influenced by Bruce Springsteen, Devo, Fleetwood Mac, State Champion, and Silver Jews.

6. Why should I give Heavy Lunch a listen?

Because you like lo-fi songs that straddle the noise-pop/punk divide. 

7. What are Deep State's best songs?

No Idea Pt. II  is bracing.

8. Any more words? 

Deep State were signed by Chris Watson to Friendship Fever. Chris Watson discovered Dr Dog.

“Sing me a dirge”

The National are an indie rock/post-punk band from Brooklyn, New York (originally Cincinnati, Ohio). They are very popular, their sixth album was Grammy nominated and their last two albums were top five in the U.S. and worldwide. The National sound similar to Interpol, Joy Division, and Wilco. Their influences are Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and The Smiths. The System Only Dreams In Darkness (May'17) is the lead single from their seventh album Sleep Well Beast (Sept'17) and the tune has a bit more bollocks than their usual shtick.

“The system only dreams in darkness,
What are you hiding from me?”

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