Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Interpol - The Rover

1. Who?

Interpol are a popular and influential post-punk/indie rock band from New York. They started in 1997 and The Rover (June'18) is the lead single from their sixth album Marauder(Aug'18). 

2. What?

The Rover is more of Interpol's same old schtick. Humorless, post-punk, with no big hooks or a standout chorus. The Rover is atmospheric but the melodies slowly bubble to the surface and entrance after a few repeated listens. A song with moreish qualities. 

3. Who do Interpol sound like? 

The National, Bloc Party, and The Strokes. 

4. What have the press said about The Rover?

“More perfunctory than visceral” – Spin. 

“Digs a pleasing groove in your brain” – Pitchfork. 

“A rush of dark rock’n’roll from returning masters” – NME.

5. Which bands influenced Interpol? 
The Violent Femmes, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, and Janes Addiction. 

7. What are Interpol's biggest bangers? 

8. Anything else?
Marauder was produced by Dave Fridmann (Spoon, Weezer, The Cribs). 

Arcade Fire are a popular art rock/indie rock band from Montreal, Canada. Arcade Fire are similar to Bloc Party, Interpol and Vampire Weekend. Their influences are New Order, Talking Heads and David Bowie. Chemistry is an album track from Arcade Fire's fifth album Everything Now (July'17). SPIN magazine said Chemistry is “the worst Arcade Fire song ever” and The Guardian thought it “sounds almost willfully horrible.” Suffice to say Chemistry is a reggae song, a laugh, and the best Arcade Fire song in years.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Lost Love - Clay Turris

1. Who?

Lost Love are a catchy punk rock band from Montreal, Canada. Clay Turris (May'18) is the lead single from their third album Good Luck Rassco (May'18). 

2. What kind of song is Clay Turris? 

Clay Turris is a mid-tempo indie rock song that chugs along on a lazy rakish riff, like early Weezer, and has an uplifting chorus. A rocker that steps lightly. 

3. Who do Lost Love sound like? 

Weezer, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock. 

4. What is the good word from the press? 

“This is the tits. It’s so catchy and awesome, and stuff” – Sound Sphere. 

“An immediate catchy and poppy tune” – Colorado Punk Rock Army. 

“Sophisticated production while remaining honest” – Spill Magazine. 

5. Which band influenced Lost Love? 
They might like The Flatliners, Red Radio City, Weezer, and Lawrence Arms. 

6. Why should I give Clay Turris a listen? 
Because you like pop-punk. Because you like Weezer before they became a pastiche of themselves. 

7. What other bangers do these lads have? 
There is more punk, less pop, in Take Care, Get Better, See You Never. 

8. Any last words? 


Skating Polly are an alternative rock band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They are all family members and started making music in 2009. Skating Polly have been compared to Babes In Toyland and Bikini Kill. Their influences are Veruca Salt, The Breeders and L7. Hollywood Factory (April'18) is the third single from their fifth album The Make It All Show (May'18) and marries sweet indie pop vocals with a louche grunge riff.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Houndmouth - This Party

1.    Who? 

Houndmouth are an indie/folk rock band from New Albany, Indiana. This Party (May’18) is the lead single from their third album Golden Age (August’18).

2. What? 

This Party is quite a departure from Houndmouth's roots/rock sound, instead embracing a pop/rock song that rests on an electronic dance groove.

3. Who do Handmouth sound like?

Generally Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats or The Oh Hellos. Specifically Passion Pit or Gorillaz. 

4. What have they said about This Party in the press?  

“High energy and ultra-melodic” – Broadway World. 

“A synth-laden fusion of pop and rock” – Mxdwn. 
“Much stronger electronic influence” – Paste. 

5. Which bands have influenced Houndmouth? 
The Band, Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison, and Green Day. 

6. Why should I listen to This Party?

Because you need a light rock moment with a couple of hooks and a sticky chorus. Because of the way Houndmouth take it down to a whisper in the breakdown before the all-in chorus.

7. What other bangers do Houndmouth have? 


8. Any last words?
This Party is produced by Jonathan Rado (Foxygen, Lemon Twigs) and Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, The War On Drugs).

The Oh Hellos are an indie folk rock band from San Marcos, Texas. The brother and sister band started making music together in 2011 and have recorded three albums and four E.P's. The Oh Hellos are influenced by Los Compesinos!, The Pogues, and Mumford & Sons. Torches (Nov'17) was the lead single for their third album Notos (Dec'17). Torches is a bombastic indie folk song that builds with strings and is given punch by the gang vocals.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Albert Hammond Jr - Faraway Truths

1.    Who?

Albert Hammond Jr is the guitarist for The Strokes and he doesn’t stray too far from his roots in Far Away Truths (Feb’18), the second single from his fourth solo album Francis Trouble (March’18). 

2. What? 

Faraway Truths is quite a sharp pop rock song that is quietly likeable without having a wow moment. It does have the benefit of sounding like a Strokes track too. 

3. Who does he sound like? 

The Strokes, The Libertines, and The Vaccines. 

4. What have the press said about Faraway Truths?

“Sumptuously melodic hook” – Drowned In Sound. 

“Could have easily found a place on either of The Strokes first two records” – The Wee Review. 

“As focused and sharp as anything he has ever produced” – Pop Matters.

5. Which bands influenced Albert Hammond Jr? 
The Cars, Frank Black (The Pixies), Guided By Voices, John Lennon, and The Velvet Underground. 

6. Why should I crank up Faraway Truths?
Even if the only Strokes album you can name is Is This It?, there is still something here for you. It makes good playlist filler. 

7. Does he have any other good 'uns?
Screamer has a Rolling Stones/Stooges garage rock vibe. 

8. Anything else? 
Much was made in the press about the album Francis Trouble being inspired by the recent revelation of the stillborn death of Albert Hammond's twin brother. 

The Vaccines are one of England's most beloved indie rock bands. They come from London and sound like The Ramones meeting The Strokes. The Vaccines main influences are The Strokes, The Kinks and The Monkeys. I Can't Quit (Jan'18) is from their fourth album Combat Sports (March'18). I Can't Quit showcases the bands return to the tighter, rawer, punchier sound of their first album while also reminding me at least of Icona Pop's I Love It.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Loose Tooth - Keep On

1.    Who? 

Loose Tooth are an indie/garage pop band from Melbourne, Australia. Keep On (June'18) is the lead single from their debut album Keep Up (August'18). Yeah, really. 

2. What? 

Keep On has a sixties garage/surf rock vibe with the chorus harmonies and lazy guitar but, the bass is busy, and Luc Dawson's earthy voice provides an intriguing counterpoint. Sweet, summery, indie pop. 

3. Who do Loose Tooth sound like? 

The B-52's, Heart Beach, and a touch of the Velvets (on other tunes). 

4. What is the word from the press?

“Groovy tune!” – YouTube Comments. 

“Gosh. Everything about this I like” – YouTube Comments.

“Genial” – YouTube Comments. 

5. Which bands have influenced Loose Tooth? 
They have some love for Bleached, Little Bastard, Morrisey, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and Gold Class. 

6. Why should I give Keep On a spin? 
Because the bass is busier than Pornhub. 

7. Do Loose Tooth have any other bangers? 
Give Everything Changes a crack. 

8. Any other words? 
Loose Tooth are signed to Milk Records, the home of Courtney Barnett, who they have recently been touring the U.K. with. 

Ball Park Music are an indie pop/rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They are similar to The Jungle Giants and Bluejuice. Ball Park Music are influenced by Nirvana and Kanye West. Exactly How You Are (Sept'17) is the lead single from their fifth album Good Mood (Feb'18).  Exactly How You takes a minute to crack into life and expose itself as a sickly sweet, sunshiny and summery indie pop song. Wonderful. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Mammoth Indigo - Flowers In The Basement

1.    Who?

Mammoth Indigo are an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California, by way of Richmond, Virginia. They started in 2013 and Flowers In The Basement (Jan’18) is the lead single from their second album Wilt (April’18). 

2. What?

An eclectic mélange of influences coalesce in Flowers In The Basement to make a song that makes a slow build until flaring into life with a full-on indie rock out. No big hooks or infectious melodies. File under,“indie as fuck.” This won't be challenging Ed Sheeran for top of the charts. Flowers In The Basement aches with pathos though, and is redolent of a magnificent phoenix's rise.

3. Who do Mammoth Indigo sound like? 

Band of Horses, Cold War Kids, and Grizzly Bear are some comparisons others have made.

4. What have the press said about Flowers In The Basement?

“A busy, yet balanced cut” – Xune Mag. 

 “Quite the rollercoaster” – MP3 Hugger.

 “Poignant and stylistically varied indie rock” – Substream.

5. Which bands have influenced Mammoth Indigo? 

Colour Revolt, emo, post rock, Americana, and alternative are their influences.

6. Why should I give Flowers In The Basement a spin? 

Because there is nothing derivative about it. 

7. Do Mammoth Indigo have any other bangers? 

Check out Whiskey King.

8. Any more info? 

Flowers In The Basement was the top song from the Indie Rock Playlist for March.

Manchester Orchestra are an indie rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. They formed in 2004 and are similar to Brand New, Radical Face or even Frightened Rabbit. Manchester Orchestra are influenced by music from Neutral Milk Hotel and Nirvana. Gold (June'17) is the lead single from their fifth album A Black Mile To The Surface (July'17). Gold is a popular American indie rock song from a popular indie rock band.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

AWOLNATION - Cannonball

1.    Who? 

AWOLNATION are an alternative electronic rock band from Los Angeles, California. They are the vehicle for Aaron Bruno's musical ambitions. Don't be dismissive just because of the electronic tag; Bruno grew up in L.A's hardcore punk scene. Cannonball is a track from their third album Here Come The Runts (Feb'18). 

2. What? 

is an upbeat, radio friendly, rock song with bite.

3. Who do AWOLNATION sound like? 

Kasabian, Grouplove, and OK Go. 

4. What have the press said about the album Here Come The Runts?

“Immediately infectious rock songs” – The Young Folks.

“Bruno loads every song with everything he can muster” – Louder Sound.

“Wonderfully chaotic assortment of ideas and textures” – Alt Wire.

5. Which bands have influenced AWOLNATION? 
Aaron Bruno says he loves music of every genre. Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Tom Petty, and Michael Jackson are a few of his more middle-of-the road influences. 

6. Why should I listen to Here Comes The Runts? 
AWOLNATION's genre hopping within songs and subversion of traditional song structure make them unique listening and very difficult to compare to. 

7. What other bangers do AWOLNATION have? 

8. Any more words? 
Aaron Bruno has been in the bands Insurgence, Home Town Hero and Under The Influence of Giants. The band name come from Aaron Bruno's high school nickname Awol. He used to leave without saying goodbye a lot.

Gurr are a garage/punk/pop duo from Berlin, Germany. They have compared their sound to The Breeders, Nirvana, and The Velvet Underground. Some of their key influences are Black Lips and Black Rebel Motorcyle Club. Gurr have one album out (In My Head, 2016) and Hot Summer (May'18) is a stand alone single at the moment. Hot Summer is catchy, scuzzy indie pop.