Saturday, 19 November 2022

Cagework - Eileen


1.  Who are they? 

An indie rock/punk rock three piece from Brixton, London. Playing since 2018, Eileen (2019) is a single from their debut E.P. Cagework (July, 2019).

2. What have they got?

A quaintly snide rollicking and rolling sing-a-long indie crowd pleaser with a little bass note rest and rousingly noisy and shouty choruses.

3. Who do Cagework sound like?

Some say Pavement. Blur? A punk Sports Team? Fuck knows. 

4. Which bands have influenced Cagework?

Some of their influences are Husker Du, Modest Mouse, and Pavement.

5. What have the press said?

“A touch of melancholy seems to seep through before the guitars rise up”- Gig Wise.

“Another standout track highlighting the bands knack for a melody”- The Line Of Best Fit.

“Feels like a jovial sing-a-long”- Indie Is Not A Genre.

"And it really makes her mad"

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

BRONCHO - Keep It In Line


1. Who are they?

BRONCHO are an indie rock band that's sound wanders around the place but are themselves from Norman, Ohio. They started playing in 2010 and Keep It In Line (October, 2018) is a single from their fourth album Bad Behavior (October, 2018).

2. What kind of song is Keep It In Line? 

A low-fi melodic cruise with hints of garage rock, a wheedling line about behaving yourself and cooed over with sunny sweet vocals. Bit of an earworm. The band are a personal favorite of mine.

3. Who do BRONCHO sound like? 

They have been mentioned in the same breath as The Strokes, upbeat songs by The Cure, and Generationals. There's a bit of The Clean in there for me too like in this banger Try Me Out Sometime (2012).

4. Which bands have influenced BRONCHO?

The Beach Boys, Billy Idol and The Strokes.

5. What have the press said?

“Singalong anthems that combine punk and garage-rock”- Handing Love.

“An infectious song about practicality and accountability – XS Noize.

“A high energy and is very danceable”Song BPM.

"You got caught and ya gave it away,
And then I cancelled on ya"

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Bony Macaroni - Piece Of Shit

 1. Who are they?

Bony Macaroni are a pop punk rock band from The Netherlands. Piece Of Shit (October, 2018) was a single released off their debut E.P. Short/Fast/Loud.

2. What kind of song is Piece Of Shit? 

Joyous, bubbling pop punk with gang vocals and clever lyrics about the fickle nature of success in a cruel business.

3. Who do Bony Macaroni sound like?

Modern Baseball, The Wonder Years, and PUP.

4. Which bands have influenced Boni Macaroni?

I suspect they like Frank Turner, PUP, Turnstile, Modern Baseball, and Green Day.

5. What have the press said?

"Sure to grab most listeners with its bouncy melody" - Dying Scene.

"Killer song-writing"- Dying Scene.

"Exuberant energy"- Dying Scene.

"I know a friend that had a friend that joined a southern hardcore band"


Bombay Bicycle Club - Eat, Sleep, Wake


1. Who are they?

Bombay Bicycle Club are a successful indie rock band from London, England. Active since 2005 Eat Sleep Wake (August, 2019) is the lead single from their fifth album Everything Else Has Gone Wrong (January, 2020).

2. What kind of song it it?

Eat, Sleep, Wake is a meditative dark guitar groove that may or may not work it's way into your consciousness.

3. Who do Bombay Bicycle Club sound like?

Bombay Bicycle Club are similar to The Maccabees, Foals, and The Wombats.

4. Which bands have influenced Bombay Bicycle Club?

The band have mentioned some love for The War On Drugs, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and David Bowie.

5. What have the press said?

“Guitar driven track”- Billboard.

“Invigorating hooks and wistful attitude”- Pitchfork.

“Familiar yet distant”- KTSW.

"Eat, sleep, wake, nothing but you"

Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Biffy Clyro - The Modern Leper


1. Who are they?

Biffy Clyro are a Scottish rock band from Kilmarnock, Scotland, formed in 1995. They are popular (their eighth album A Celebration Of Endings (2020) debuted at number one in the UK album charts and sold over a million copies) and have a hard rock edge. The Modern Leper (June, 2019) is a Frightened Rabbit cover and came from an album of Frightened Rabbit covers Tiny Changes: A Celebration Of The Midnight Organ Fight (July, 2019).

2. What have they got?

It works the fuck out of the good old Pixies quiet loud dynamic. Soulful, heavy and moving.

3. Who do Biffy Clyro sound like?

Biffy Clyro are similar to Twin Atlantic, Feeder, Nothing But Thieves and of course Mastersystem.

4. Which bands have influenced Biffy Clyro?

Some of Biffy Clyro’s influences are Metallica, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Pixies.

5. What have the press said?

“A deafening, arena-ready treatment”- Billboard.

“A dense, angst-ridden rework”- Juno Records.

“A celebration of a record”- Paste Magazine.

"And vital parts fall from his system,

And dissolve in the Scottish rain,

But vitally he doesn't miss them,

He's too fucked up to care"

Backseat Vinyl - Die Cool

1. Who are they?

Backseat Vinyl are an indie rock/pop punk band from Denver, Colorado. Die Cool (October, 2018) is the lead single from their debut album Sad Frenzy (January, 2019).

2. What have they got?

Die Cool blends goofy 2000's pop punk with a leaner Californian contemporary punk sound. Don't grow up to be your father. 

3. Who do Attica Riots sound like?

There’s a bit of Blink-182, FIDLAR and Green Day in there.

4. Which bands have influenced Attica Riots?

Their major influences are SWMRS, The Frights, The Story So Far, and Blink-182.

5. What have the press said?

“Polished punk”- The Kollection.

“Blending all sorts of alt, indie, punk, grunge, and more”- The Sound Won’t Stop.

“Music from the soul”- Buzz Music.

"I don't wanna end up like a rerun of my dad,

That style is just way too sad"

Monday, 7 November 2022

Attica Riots - Simply Not Good Enough

 1. Who are they? 

Attica Riots are a Canadian indie rock band and Simply Not Good Enough is the first track on their seven track E.P. Sleeping In The Wild (Oct, 2018).

2. What have they got?

Simply Not Good Enough zips along on jagged guitars and the singer's exhortations. The ska-esque middle eight is a highlight.

3. Who do Attica Riots sound like?

There’s a bit of The Killers, The Rare Occasions and Surf Curse in them.

4. Which bands have influenced Attica Riots?

They have expressed some love for The Shins, Vampire Weekend, Green Day, The Flaming Lips, and Arcade Fire.

5. What have the press said?

“Elements of everything from dance to punk”- Sonic Bids.

“A seamless synergy of rock-solid musicianship and sharp lyricism”- Sonic Bids.

“Hybrid of musicality and acute social commentary”- Sonic Bids.

"You've been lying down for far too long"