Monday, 10 December 2018

The Kooks - Pamela

1.    Who are they? 

The Kooks are one of England's most successful indie rock bands. They have been playing together since 2004 and rose to prominence with the hit single Naïve (2006) from their debut album Inside In/Inside Out .

2. What have they got?

Pamela (Nov'18) is the sixth single from their fifth album Let's Go Sunshine (Aug'18) and a favorite with the reviewers. 

3. Who do The Kooks sound like? 

The Kooks are similar to Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, and The Fratellis. 

4. What have the press said about Pamela?

“A classic, toothless, crowd pleaser” – Pop Matters. 

“Extremely fun to listen to” – Indie Is Not A Genre.

“Borderline pastiche punk sound” – Clash Music.

5. Which bands influenced The Kooks? 
Bob Dylan, The Everly Brothers, The Rolling Stones, Blur, and The Libertines. 

6. Why should I give Pamela a listen? 

Pamela is a high tempo throwaway piece of flimsy from a mature and popular rock'n'roll band that have rediscovered the popularity (and style) of their debut album.

7. What are The Kooks best songs?

Naïve, Be Who You Are, Down,  No Pressure, Forgive & Forget. 

8. Anything else?