Friday, 26 May 2017

Tunabunny - Incinerate

1.    Who are Tunabunny?

Tunabunny are an eclectic post-punk/pop/rock band from Athens, Georgia. Started in 2008 the band have five albums. Incinerate (May’17) is the lead single from the fifth (double LP) PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr. (June’17). 

2. What kind of tune is Incinerate? 

A low-key indie pop groove with a hypnotic vocal that drives the song. Mellow, yet upbeat, and cool as fuck.

3. Who do they sound like? 

Tunabunny have been compared to Sleater-Kinney, Throwing Muses and Gang Of Four. But none of that is similar to this song.

4. What kind of press is Incinerate getting? 

“The presence of both advance intelligence and childlike abandon” – I M Atlanta.

“If you can’t find yourself falling head over heels for this tune, then I think your speakers are broken” – Austin Town Hall.

“Tunabunny are the most important indie band of this decade” – Broadway World. 

5. Which bands inspired Tunabunny? 

They are influenced by Brian Eno and other things like film and literature.

6. Why should I listen to Incinerate

Because you love cute phrasing in your vocals. Because you remember another good indie band from Athens, Georgia.

7. What are Tunabunny's best songs? 

Incinerate is the best. Give I Miss You (You Miss Me Yes) a crack though.

8. Any more words?


“Drop a match and there she blows”

Mando Diao are a commercially successful alternative rock/garage rock band from Borlange, Sweden. They sound like Franz Ferdinand and The Kooks. Mando Diao are influenced by The Clash and The Doors. Shake (April'17) is a single from their eighth album Good Times (May’17). Shake is a dance rock song. A funky, frolic with a side of indie rock and disco.

“I need somebody to call me honey,
Girl you’ve got me, won’t you take me home”

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