Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Best Indie Songs of 2015 - The Helio Sequence

The Helio Sequence are an indie rock duo from Portland, Oregon. Well Beaverton to be precise. Ha ha, Beaverton. They have been making tunes together since 1996. The band were described by Buzz Bands as beingpurveyors of cerebral indie-rock” and have diverse influences from the likes of 50’s jazz to Frank Sinatra to Chameleon to Slow Dive.


Stoic Resemblance (March'15) is Mancy gold much like hearing Stone Roses classic Made In Stone for the first time. But this tune at just over three mintutes is taut. The bass, drums and hooks are right up front for a rollercoaster ride into dreamy indie with noisy guitar assisted crescendos. A song dealing with existential anxiety this has a trippy vibe “...I can’t be bothered with reality...” and is a proper arse-shaker. This is the kinda song you name check like John Cusack's character did in High Fidelity with The Beta Band. This is top shelf. This is one of the best indie songs of 2015. This is the amazing Stoic Resemblance by The Helio Sequence.

“When I see you walk
you got me weak in the knees”


Shit you need to know:
“Stoic Resemblance” is the lead single from the bands sixth album, self titled, “The Helio Sequence” (May’15).

“Stoic Resemblance” is “the most pop-friendly things the duo have put to tape” according to a Seattle radio station, while Under The Gun Review thought it a  “a perfect indie-pop jam” and Buzz Bands big-upped it by calling it a “rager”.

Paste Magazine called the self-titled album “their best work yet” and a “euphoric, career-defining album”.

The band consider the new album to be there most “in the moment” because of the spontaneous process of recording and freer from obvious influences than others.

The drummer Benjamin Weikel drummed on two Modest Mouse albums Good News For People Who Like Bad News and No Ones First And You're Next.
The Helio Sequence songs with shit that don't stink are October, Upward Mobility and Keep Your Eyes Ahead.


The dodgy double dip comes courtesy of fellow Portland natives and alternative rockers The Dandy Warhols. Bohemian Like You (2000) remains their biggest hit.




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