Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Best Indie Songs of 2015 - Owel

Owel hail from New Jersey and are one long-player to the good.  Every Good Boy Does Fine springs off the same-titled short player. A song that kicks in as hard and fast as a Saigon mugging. Pop Matters called it an “upbeat, infectious tune” and others said it is“…an orchestrated masterpiece... powerful and poppy.” Owel's orchestral arrangements combined with traditional rock band and ethereal vocals are a source of wonder for some. Owel's main influences are Radiohead and Sigur Rios but their vocal harmonies mind others of The Beach Boys.


Every Good Boys Does Fine (April'15) is a song that explores the idea of chasing your dreams with eyes wide open to the fact that no person is inherently special but you just need to march on and do your best. Unlike most Owel songs that are slow burners this brings out the heavy artillery early doors. A few bars of glockenspiel and then straight into guitar crashing, string led, all ins. Every Good Boy Does Fine rocks hard while sounding as sweet as teenage pussy and is one of the best indie songs of 2015.

“I’m a rare dying breed and I’ll make it if I'm patient, 
Every good boy does fine”

Shit you need to know:
The new E.P Every Good Boy Does Fine (April’15) was produced by Mike Watts who has worked for As Tall As Lions and The Deer Hunter.

The band have been compared to Anderson Cale.

Owel have performed fluffer duties for Minus The Bear and American Authors among others.

The band have shared their love for Sigur Rios, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, St Vincent and Al Green.

Other  star Owel songs include Once The Ocean and Snowglobe.


The two-for-one today was voted the best Australian Song of all time by Australian songwriters. This is the anthem for the marginalized Shark Fin Blues (2005) by the Aussie alternative rock band The Drones.

“The waters licking round my ankles now,
  There ain’t no sunshine way way down.”          

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