Friday, 29 July 2016

The Crispies - Bad Blood

     1.    Who are these posers?

     The Crispies are an indie pop rock band, with a dash of punk, from Vienna, Austria. The Crispies started rocking it in 2014 and have one E.P to their names. Bad Blood (June’16) is the band’s debut single and the lead single from their debut album Death Row Kids (Oct’16).

       2. How does Bad Blood stack up? 

     Bad Blood is a stripped down, skeezy, punk track that sashays it's way into your heart full of confidence and with it's seductive hips swaying. The classic sound of a guitar plugged into an amp kicks this bitch into action followed by a slow stomp with sharp lead licks tossed off willy nilly. Bad Blood reeks of piss and blood in a basement gig where the music is propelling a heaving mass of humanity toward divinity.

     3. Who are The Crispies similar to?

     The Crispies have been compared to The White Stripes by Critical Pixie, The Ramones by Home At The Heroes and The Arctic Monkeys by Music Austria.

     4. What’s the good word on Bad Blood?

    “Fuzz, Hooks, Reverb” – Noisey Vice.

    “Completely mad and boisterous” – Music Austria.

    “Sound as a pound” – You Tube Comments.

       5. Which bands influenced The Crispies?

     The Crispies have expressed love for Bass Drum Of Death and Ezra Furman.

           6. Why should I give Bad Blood a lash? 

Bad Blood captures the gritty escence of garage rock and the moment that visceral music transcends this earthly realm and launches us into nirvana.

7. Do The Crispies have any more crackers?

Mercy isn't too shabby.

     8. Any more words chief?

     The four band members all graduated from the same music school together at the same time and are all left-handed.

“We're gonna cough blood”

     APES are a garage rock band from Ballarat, Australia, who fight out of Melbourne at the minute. The band have been compared to Foals and Queens Of The Stone Age and have an E.P and a single on their roll call of honor. A debut album is due in October. APES are a raw, gut punching band that have scored support slots for luminaries such as Royal Blood, Band Of Skulls and FIDLAR. Pull The Trigger (2014) is APES at their best; a tune with a cracking riff up front, a raw, stripped back sound and a massive chorus. Get some.   

So kill me”

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