Thursday, 18 August 2016

JPNSGRLS - Bully For You

      1.    Who are the lads?

JPNSGRLS are a garage rock band from Vancouver, Canada. Tearing it up since 2010, Bully For You (April’16) is the second single from their second album Divorce (July'16). 

2. What have they got in the tank?

A gritty riff kicks this beast off and then it's seventies psych rock from woe to go. Bully For You pounds along and no dust is left on this puppy. 

3. Who do JPNSGRLS sound akin to?

Bully For You sounds like Wolfmother with a sense of urgency. Throw in the The Family Rain too. The new long player Divorce reminded Clunk Mag of The Hives and The Arctic Monkeys.

4. What have the rags said about Bully For You

“Rough, choppy and bold… a raging storm of music” – Cultured Vultures. 

“An explosive cut of raucous rock at its best” – Gig Slutz. 

“A raucous feminist anthem” – Glam Glare. 

5. Which bands have provided the love for JPNSGRLS?

JPNSGRLS are influenced by New York garage rock of the 2000’s, The Beatles and Frank Ocean. 

6. Why should I give Bully For You a lash?

Bully For You is take no prisoners hard rocking anger that reaches for the stars and falls back to earth kicking and screaming; berating this cruel reality. Blood pumping fury.

7. Do JPNSGRLS have any more bangers? 

Give the first single off the new album, Oh My God, a crack.

8. Any more words muppet?

Divorce was produced by David Schiffman (Rage Against The Machine, Weezer, The Bronx) and Tom Dobrzanski (Said The Whale, The Zolas, We Are The City). 

“Take a name,
No, you can take a number”

The Bronx are punk legends from Los Angeles, California. Influenced by bands like Bad Brains, The Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag, but with fatter riffs and more hooks than a Taiwanese fishing trawler, The Bronx have four massive missives on their immortal roll of honor. While any one jewel is a mission to choose from so many treasures They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy) was the bands debut single from The Bronx's first self-titled album The Bronx (2003) and by god these men came out of their corner swinging. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy) has been called a modern hard rock gem by Loudwire and a beautifully violent exhibition of pure punk rock” by All Music. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy) is incendiary rock'n'roll at it's finest.

“Scrape black tar from a guilty lung,
Throw a needle in your arm”

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