Saturday, 20 August 2016

PYN - My Baby

     1.    Who is  PYN? 

      PYN is an indie pop band from the Netherlands. My Baby (May’16) is their second single.

     2. What's this tune like?

     My Baby is bouncy synth pop with an infectious zest for life and smile on it's face.

     3. Who do PYN sound like?

     Katie Herzig. AURORA. 

     4. What have the press said about My Baby

    “Compelling” – Evensi.

    “80’s influenced pop” – Vovert. 

    “This sister will be My Baby!” – Dutch Guy. 

     5. Who influenced PYN? 
No knowledge. AURORA maybe.

6. Why should I give My Baby a fair crack of the whip? 

My Baby is a tasty melange of light guitar, jaunty rhythms and light as helium vocals. Pure pointless fun.

7. Do PYN have any more good uns? 


8. Any more words muppet?

Get away with ya.

 “We’re never lost for words to say”

Tove Styrke is a Swedish electro-pop singer influenced by Robyn, Annie and September. She has recorded two albums and won music awards and had top ten singles in Sweden. The reggae tinged Borderline (2014) is her most popular song and on the Borderline E.P. is this little gem If I'm Talking Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You, a song as sticky as a paedo in kindy and a tune Spin said is full of “lip-clenched fuck-offs.”

 “I know that you feel that pop really doesn’t have a clue”

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