Wednesday, 11 January 2017

131's - Distorted Images

1.    Who are they? 

131's are a punk rock band from Melbourne, Australia. They have been together since 2016. Distorted Images (Dec'16) is a standalone single. 

2. What kind of tune are they peddling? 

A powerful punk song with a driving rhythm and some classic Aussie rock trimmings. Catches on after a few listens and becomes essential ammunition.

3. Who do 131's sound like? 

Rancid, The Clash and even The Choirboys.

4. What have the press said about Distorted Images

1.    “Displaying their signature guitar growl, impassioned vocals and kinetic drumming” - Around You. 

“Fucking great tune” – You Tube Comments.  

“Kick ass” – You Tube Comments.  

5. Which bands put the fire in 131's belly? 

The bands that influenced the 131's are Rancid, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Birthday Party and Rose Tattoo. 

6. Why should I give Distorted Images a fair crack of the whip? 

Distorted Images is the finest kind of punk rock; social commentary without a baseball bat to the head and ripping riffs. Killer key change in the last chorus too.

7. What are 131's best songs? 

This Ain't Culture is their debut tune and remains their finest. 

8. Any more words? 

Singer and guitarist Luke Yeoward fronted rock'n'reggae band King Cannons. 

“That don’t mean much to me”


Stacked Like Pancakes are a ska punk/brass rock band from Towson, Maryland. The band started in 2007 and six or seven of the band members got degrees at Towson University. Stacked Like Pancakes sound like Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake. They are influenced by Reel Big Fish, twenty one pilots and Cage The Elephant. Dangerous Beginnings is an album track from THIS IS US (2015). Dangerous Beginnings is the perfect ska song borrowing from familiar ska punk tropes and twisting them into inventive new shapes. An improbably inventive song. 

“If you choose me tonight,
You’re gonna like what I do to you”

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