Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Creases - Everybody Knows

1.    Who are they?

The Creases are an indie rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They started playing in 2013. Everybody Knows (Jan’17) is the lead single from their debut album Tremelow (2017). 

2. What kind of song is Everybody Knows

Sunshiny, revivalist, pop-rock with a foot in both English pop from the sixties and English indie rock from the 80's and 90's. The chorus is sugar. 

3.  Who do The Creases sound like? 

Pop Cult, Primal Scream and The Happy Mondays. 

4. What is the good word from the press? 

“Incredibly infectious” – Mushroom.  

“An instant classic” – Liberation.

 “Contagious energy” – Best Before.

5. Which bands have inspired The Creases?

Some of The Creases' main influences are The Beatles, Pulp, Echo & Bunnymen, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Blur. 

6. Why should I give Everybody Knows a listen? 

Because you love English indie rock from the late 80's and 90's. 

7. What are The Creases best songs?

Impact is the best one; like Everybody Knows but with a killer choral chorus and some brass.

8. Any more words? 

The Creases are signed to Rough Trade and have supported Franz Ferdinand, The Preatures, PEACE, The Jungle Giants and Ball Park Music. 

“I’m getting out of this place”

The Cat Empire are an Australian ska, jazz, funk, rock fusion band with Latin influences. They are from Melbourne, Australia, and formed in 1999. The Cat Empire have six albums pinned on their battle honors. Bulls is the third single from their sixth album The Rising Sun (2016). The Rising Sun debuted at number one in the Australian charts and the critics favorite song was Bulls, a song Faster Louder described as “a super riffy festival number with a punk-hoe-down outro.”

A bedouin told me,
‘The Bomb is a rhythm’ ”

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