Thursday, 9 March 2017

Misfires - Come On Over

1.    Who are the Misfires? 

Misfires are an indie rock band from Swindon, England. Playing together for only a year, Come On Over (Feb'17) is their second single release. 

2. What's the tune like? 

Derivative, English indie-pop for the masses. Jaunty. 

3. Who do Misfires sound like?

Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Spitfires and Viola Beach. 

4. Whats the word from the press about Come On Over

“A commanding track that bursts with festival vibes” – Spilt Milk.

“A snappy, spirited, insanely infectious indie track” – Indie Buddie.

“Sun-soaked riffs, catchy chorus and obvious attitude” – Let It Happen.

5. Which bands influenced the Misfires? 

Some of their main influences are The Stone Roses, The 1975, Peace, Foals and RATBOY. 

6. Why should I give Come On Over a listen? 

Because you're a populist at heart. Because you like jangley English indie bands. 

7. What are Misfires best songs? 

Look no further. 

8. Any more words? 

Get tae fuck wit' ya. 

“I know we could change the world,

If you really wanted to tonight”

Findlay is an English bluesy indie rock musician from Manchester, England, whose debut album Forgotten Pleasures was just released (Feb'17). She is similar to Amy Winehouse and The Family Rain. She is influenced by bands like The Velvet Undergound, The White Stripes and Captain Beefheart. Electric Bones is from her second E.P. Electric Bones (2015) and is a song The End Records called “unbridled badassery.”

“I fight with these thoughts every night,
If I’m a still a good love after the rush”

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