Wednesday, 20 September 2017

TOUTS - Political People

     1.    Who are these whipper snappers?

TOUTS are a punk band from Derry, Ireland. Political People (May'17) is the lead single from their debut E.P. Sickening and Deplorable (May'17).

2.  What kind of tune is Political People?

Classic edgy punk, balls deep in crunching guitar and with a caustic vocals. Tight as a nuns cunt.

3. Who do TOUTS sound like?

The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, and Green Day.

4. What have the press said? 

"A two minute sub-culture anthem" - Indie Is Not A Genre. 

"Switched on and seriously fucking angry" - NME. 

"Raw, sweaty punk at its finest" - King Mob.

5. Which bands have inspired the TOUTS?

Some of their influences are The Clash, The Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, and The Dubliners. 

6. Why should I give Political People a listen? 

Because you love popular punk with a word to say.

7. What are the TOUTS best tunes? 

Political People is top of the pile but Sold Out is a banger too. 

8. Any more words? 

These lads aren't out of school yet and they are scoring support slots for bands like Kasabian and Paul Weller.

“I hate the same old way”

Benjamin Booker is a blues/boogie/garage/punk rock musician from Virginia Beach, Virginia. His main influences are Gun Club, T.Rex and Blind Willie Johnson. Benjamin Booker's music has been compared to White Stripes, Kings Of Leon, and The Strokes. Right On You (April'17) is the second single from his second album Witness (June'17).  Right On You is an urgent, bluesy, garage rock song that Stereogram praised for its, “swaggering, bluesy strut.”

"I’ll be damned if I don’t get what I want”

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