Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Yungblud - I Love You Will You Marry Me

1.   Who is he?

Yungblud is Dominic Harrison a successful punk/ska/rock/hiphop musician from Doncaster, England. I Love You Will You Marry Me (Sept’17) is from his debut self-titled E.P. Yungblud (Jan’18).

2. What's he got?
A ska tune that juxtaposes romance with commercial reality.

3. Who does Yungblud sound like?
Jamie T, RAT BOY, and Arctic Monkeys.

4. What is the word from the press? 

“It’s catchy as hell” – Beat.

“An astute lyrical ability that leaves a sting in the tail” – Clash.
“Brutal honesty” – Kill Your Stereo.

5. Who are his influences?

Arctic Monkeys, Eminem, The Clash, Kanye West, and The Beatles.

6. Why should I give I Love You Will You Marry Me a listen?

Because you like a good punk/ska tune. Because you like socially conscious music. Because you wanna know what's blowing up in Britain at the minute.

7. Any more cracking good tunes from Yungblud?

Check out King Charles or Polygraph Eyes. 

8. Any last words?


“A version of Romeo & Juliet,
This time with Adidas sneakers and cigarettes”

Turnspit are a melodic punk/rock'n'roll band from Chicago, Illinois, who have been playing together since 2015. Their debut album Desire Paths was released Feb'18. Turnspit sound like The Distillers, 131's, Hot Water Music, and Gaslight Anthem. Human Music is from their debut E.P. I Wonder If They Are Happy (2015) and is heartfelt punk rock.

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