Saturday, 2 June 2018

AWOLNATION - Cannonball

1.    Who? 

AWOLNATION are an alternative electronic rock band from Los Angeles, California. They are the vehicle for Aaron Bruno's musical ambitions. Don't be dismissive just because of the electronic tag; Bruno grew up in L.A's hardcore punk scene. Cannonball is a track from their third album Here Come The Runts (Feb'18). 

2. What? 

is an upbeat, radio friendly, rock song with bite.

3. Who do AWOLNATION sound like? 

Kasabian, Grouplove, and OK Go. 

4. What have the press said about the album Here Come The Runts?

“Immediately infectious rock songs” – The Young Folks.

“Bruno loads every song with everything he can muster” – Louder Sound.

“Wonderfully chaotic assortment of ideas and textures” – Alt Wire.

5. Which bands have influenced AWOLNATION? 
Aaron Bruno says he loves music of every genre. Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Tom Petty, and Michael Jackson are a few of his more middle-of-the road influences. 

6. Why should I listen to Here Comes The Runts? 
AWOLNATION's genre hopping within songs and subversion of traditional song structure make them unique listening and very difficult to compare to. 

7. What other bangers do AWOLNATION have? 

8. Any more words? 
Aaron Bruno has been in the bands Insurgence, Home Town Hero and Under The Influence of Giants. The band name come from Aaron Bruno's high school nickname Awol. He used to leave without saying goodbye a lot.

Gurr are a garage/punk/pop duo from Berlin, Germany. They have compared their sound to The Breeders, Nirvana, and The Velvet Underground. Some of their key influences are Black Lips and Black Rebel Motorcyle Club. Gurr have one album out (In My Head, 2016) and Hot Summer (May'18) is a stand alone single at the moment. Hot Summer is catchy, scuzzy indie pop.

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