Sunday, 9 April 2017

Kasabian - In Love With A Psycho

1. Who are Kasabian? 

Kasabian are an indie rock/dance band from Leicester, England, making music since 1997. The band are commercially successful with their last four albums making it to number one in the U.K. album charts. In Love With A Psycho (March’17) is the first single from their sixth album For Crying Out Loud (April’17). 

2. What have they got? 

In Love With A Psycho is radio-friendly meh that grows on you insidiously. A hummable chorus that becomes a bit of an earworm. Playlist filler.

3. Who do they sound like?

They are often compared to Primal Scream, The Stone Roses, and The Happy Mondays.

4. What have people said about In Love With A Psycho 

“A sweet and hypnotic single” – 411 Mania.

“A naggingly catchy perfect pop tune” – Louder Than War.

“Amiable and still enjoyable” – The Edge.

5. Which bands have inspired Kasabian? 

Key influences on this album are Public Enemy, Bruce Springsteen and The Stooges. Elsewhere they have mentioned Oasis and Led Zeppelin as big influences.

6. Why should I listen to In Love With A Psycho

Because it's a good 'un. Because it's a gateway to better Kasabian songs.

7. What are Kasabian's best songs?

Comeback Kid, an album track from the new album, is a sublime retro-sixties banger. Bumblebee has swagger and a taint breaking chorus. From there it's "hey diddle diddle and straight down the middle" with two of their breakthrough hits from their debut album; Club Foot and Eez-Eh. 

8. Any more words?

Kasabian guitarist, Serge Pizzorno, wrote and produced For Crying Out Loud

Time To Change, a mental health organization in England, weren’t thrilled with Kasabian’s choice of lyrics saying they had used a “sad and tired” stereotype.

“Jibber, jabber, at the bargain booze,
And reciting Charles Bukowski, I got nothing to lose”

Shortstraw are a popular indie rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa. They have been making music since 2007 and have made three albums. Shortstraw sound like Good Charlotte, New Politics and Al Bairre. They are influenced by Foals, Paul Simon and Taking Back Sunday. Keep It In The Family (Nov'16) is the third single from the mini-album Those Meddling Kids (March'17). Keep It In The Family is mosh-pit filling, pop punk, with a stone to throw at absent fathers.

“Go tell your father in Santiago,
I got his daughter tied to my tree”

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