Friday, 28 October 2016

Ladybug and The Wolf - Have A Bite On Me

1.    Who are these mutts?

Ladybug and The Wolf are a deep folk rock band from Saint Etienne, France. They started playing together in 2013. Have A Bite On Me (Oct’16) is the second single from their debut album Mammatus (Oct’16).

2. What's Have A Bite On Me about then? 

Have A Bite On Me is a languid folk-pop song with sweet harmonies and a choral chorus.

3. Who do Ladybug and The Wolf sound like?

Great Lake Swimmers, The Avett Brothers and The Strumbellas.

4. What's the good word from the press? 

“A refreshing voice and sound” – YouTube Comments. 

“Awesome I just love it!” – YouTube Comments.

“A new work of art” – YouTube Comments.

5. Who put the sincere in Ladybug and The Wolf's music?

Ladybug and The Wolf were influenced by The Do and The Lumineers. 

6. Why should I give Have A Bite On Me a listen?

Have A Bite On Me is like missing a love from afar. Sweet sorrow. Earthy folk-pop without the cheesy insincerity that comes with the likes of The Strumbella's and the Avett Brothers. 

7. Do Ladybug and The Wolf have any more good songs?

Don't Pretend has a snappy shuffle. A good 'un.

8. Any more words mon amie?

Diddly squat. 

“Well I fell from my tree”

Christine and The Queens is Heloise Letissier from Nantes, France. She has been making electronic pop music since 2008 and has recorded one album and a string of E.P.’s. Her album Christine and The Queens (2014) was a top ten album around the world, reached number 2 on the U.K album charts, and was equally loved by critics rating a 85% on Metacritic. Spin Magazine described the album as, “brilliant in it’s quiet confidence, it’s willingness to intrigue rather than stun.” The most popular English single from the album wasTilted (2015) a sparse synth-pop tune with an emotive centre and a word to say about sexual identity. 

“I’m actually good,
Can’t help it if we’re tilted”

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