Saturday, 15 October 2016

STRFKR - Never Ever

1.    Who are these grips? 

STRFKR or Starfucker are an indie synth/pop/rock band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2007 they have recorded five albums. Never Ever (Feb'16) is the first single to slide off their fifth album Being None, Going Nowhere (Nov'16).  

2. What kind of tune have they rustled up? 

Never Ever is a smooth slip of toe-tapping synth-pop that slinks along without piercing your consciousness. Head-nodding, bum-bouncing, bubblegum.

3. Who do STRFKR sound like?

MGMT. Indie Shuffle  compared Never Ever to Of Montreal, Discovery and Van She.

4. What is the good word from the press? 

“An infectious sing-along melody” – Hypetrak. 

“Bursting with their signature danceablity” – Transversomedia.

“Warm, gooey, synth-heavy indie-pop” – W Week.

5. Who put the bounce into STRFKR? 

Some of the band's influences are hip-hop (Gucci Mane, BigBoi), punk (Fugazi, Nirvana) and pop (Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper) and synth-pop (Giorgio Moroder and New Order).

6. Why should I give Never Ever a spin on the jukebox?

Never Ever has a cerebral, body-moving, groove.

7. Do STRFKR have any more good songs?

Boy Toy is the one you want. Chaotic, spacey and concise synth-pop.

8. More word muppet?

No sir.

“Soft velvet and candle light,
Little fears that you keep inside”

Vance Joy is Australian indie folk pop musician James Keogh. His debut album Dream Your Life Away (2014) was an immediate success topping the charts in Australian and making it into the top ten in many other countries. Vance Joy sounds like Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran and Boy & Bear. Some of his influences are Paul Kelly, The Pogues and The Whitlams. The second single off Dream Your Life Away was the hugely successful single Riptide (2013). The tune made it to number one on the U.S alternative charts, top 10 in the U.K and became the longest charting single in Australian history. Riptide has sold a million copies worldwide and has 140 million YouTube plays. It's an intimate, acoustic song and catchy as fuck.

“I was scared of dentists and the dark,
 I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations”

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