Friday, 7 October 2016

The Bay Rays - New House

1.    Who are these champions of rock’n’roll?

These diamonds in the rough are The Bay Rays an indie rock'n'roll band from Tunbridge Wells, England. They have a couple of singles to their name. They rock harder than Dwayne Johnson's dick. New House (June'16) is their second stand-alone single.

2. What kind of delectable treat have they served?

New House is a rock and rolling, guitar-led, barn-burning, party-maker with a riotious piano assist that nods back to the fifties. An arse shaker belted out with feeling.

3. Who do The Bay Rays sound like?

The Fratellis, The Vaccines and PAWS

4. What have the mucky pups in the press said about New House?

“The Bay Rays don’t fuck about” – DIY.

“Insanely catchy punky rock and roll belter” – Louder Than War. 

“Genuinely thrilling, infectious, visceral” – Clash Music.

5. Which bands had an impact in forging The Bay Rays' "tight as a nun's nasty" sound?

Their main influences are The Clash, Talking Heads, Jack White, Skepta and Bruce Springsteen. 

6. Why should I give New House a lash?

New House is the gold standard of English rock'n'roll. It would make a dead man dance. End of story.

7. Do The Bay Rays have any more spanking tunes?

The only other single is the rockabilly romp Four Walls

8. Any more words poppet? 

Nup. Do one. 

“Life is an aquarium,

We’re all swimming just trying not to sink man”

Baby Strange are a rebel rock band with catchy punk pop choruses. From Glascow, Scotland and smashing out the tunes since 2012 they have one long player, Put Out (2015), on their roll of honor. Baby Strange are influenced by bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Clash, Sham 69 and Blasted Canyons while sounding at times like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Vaccines. Pleasure City (2015) was a stand-alone single and is a tune Wild called “anthemic” and “three minutes of fast-paced fuzzed-up punk rock.”

“Get strange in the dark,

We can rip, rip, rip it apart”

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