Friday, 23 October 2015

The Best Indie Songs of 2015 - Rain Over St. Ambrose

Rain Over St. Ambrose are an indie folk influenced, alternative rock band from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Broken Love bounces off their second long-player Waking Up (Jun’15). The song is a “...gruff, atmospheric rock tune” and their album “...reverberates with anthemic sing-alongs, swampy fuzzed-out riff rock, and swirling synths.” Their influences are The Constantines, Kings of Leon and Winter Sleep.
Rain Over St Ambrose Broken Love (May’15) comes on like a happyier Kings of Leon hit and that’s all you need to know. Earnest, gravelly vocals are propelled by a finger-snappy beat, backed up with a contrasting of angelic female vocals, and punctuated by a rock guitar led all in. The gist of the tune is hope amongst hardship and it comes on like melodic heroin. Take an orgasm and mutiple it one thousand times and you're still not close, Broken Love is one of the best indie songs of 2015.
“...the songs don’t make no sense no more
I hope you believe in a broken love”
Shit you need to know:

The band have been compared to The Hold Steady, Gaslight Anthem and British Sea Power.
The new album has been big-upped as “...enormous in tone and uninhibited in its approach. Raw, contemplative, and feverish...”
The album was mixed byTony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle and Sebastien) and mastered by Greg Calbi (War on Drugs, St. Vincent, Paul Simon).
The band are named after the weather on the day of the singer’s father’s funeral.
More hard charging Rain Over St Ambrose tunes are “WalkingHome”, “Campfires” and “Chemtrails of Happiness”.

Slippery seconds comes courtesy of American (Nashville, Tennessee) rock band Mona. This is their 2012 hit Lean Into The Fall.

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