Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Best Indie Songs of 2015 - WIN WIN

WIN WIN are a production collective, long time bros, and an indie-electronic band from New York. Waster (May’15) is a B-side from their single release Couch Paranoia and a bonus track on their third album Primaries (Jun’15). The tune was called “a debaucherous psychedelic anthem for the rebellious youth”  by Turntable Kitchen and “...pure hedonistic pleasure-center music” by Stereogum. The bands influences are classical to no-wave to trance and psych-rock.
Waster is a feel-good slacker soundtrack with psych-rock stylings. There are handclaps and dirty glam guitar married to a shout it out chorus and a sense of urgency in the driving drum beat. No fucking doubts about it, this is a track that will have you smiling like a masturbating retard. Waster is one of the best indie songs of 2015.

“Find another lover
Take another pill”


Shit you need to know:
The band are based in Brooklyn, New York.
WIN WIN’s music has been described as  grafts rock music to dance music...rooted in pop.”
The bands record label spouted this verbal diarrhoea about the new album Primaries, “an elastic and hyper-modern album of seductive pop permanence and psychoactive electronics.” Inner Speaker were much more precise “...a somewhat confusing mix of electro and psych-rock.”
WIN WIN have remixed tracks for Thom Yorke, Björk, TV On The Radio and Kylie Minogue.

Roofeoo of TV On The Radio is friends and has collaborated with the band.
The singer from Hot Chip, Alexis Taylor, sang on one of their tunes.
The band fluffed for The Cribs in September in Montreal.
Another WIN WIN tune that doesn't felch from a dead hobbos arse is Been So Long.


Stirring the porridge is English indie rock greats The Cribs and their finest rocker Come On, Be A No-One (2012).
“I was trying so hard to enjoy everything
that i ended up enjoying nothing”



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