Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Best Indie Songs of 2015 - The Royal Concept

The Royal Concept came kicking out of Stockholm, Sweden in 2012. Fashion (Aug’15) comes off their third short player Smile (Aug’15). The band have one album to their name Gold Rushed (2013). Fashion is said to "...strut from a funky guitar into a disco-chant replete with sizzling falsetto and unshakeable beat."  The Royal Concept's music has been described as "sun-baked pop and compelling rock." The band's influences are Daft Punk, Paul Simon and The Strokes.

Fashion is a frivilous, rollicking number that saunters along with flashes off Rolling Stones-esque guitar and beat and then goes all Scissor Sisters in the choral choruses. Other tunes it minds me off are Spoon Rent I Pay and The Kooks Bad Habit. A song about feeling inadequate in a relationship it may be vacuous, but Fashion is as much fun as sex on methamphetimines and one of the best indie songs of 2015.
“I dress like shit, call it fashion
But your fashions the shit”



Shit you need to know:
The Royal Concept are often compared to Phoenix but I’m thinking New Politics, Youngblood Hawke or Grouplove.
The new EP Smile was produced by Tony Hoffer who did the same for Phoenix, The Kooks, M83 and Depeche Mode.
The music on the new short player has “...sunsoaked flavor, upbeat swing, and uncontainable energy” and a glam inspired change of musical direction.The band are big fans of St Vincent.
The Royal Concept's music has been called "electro-funk" and "nu-disco".
The Royal Concept have supported The Wombats, Misterwives and Switchfoot.
More feel good and get-off-your-arse and dance Royal Concept tracks are On Our Way, Smile and Higher Than Love.

Twice the love for the price of one comes courtesy of these two Swedish and Malawi musicians The Very Best. Makes A King (May'15) is a song that transcends cultural differences to provide a sublime musical experience. True to their name this tune is out-fucking-standing.


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