Friday, 2 September 2016

Hey Geronimo - Bake A Cake

     1.    Who are the men?

Hey Geronimo are an indie rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Bake A Cake (July'16) bounces off their second album Crashing Into The Sun (July'16). 

2.    What have they got that’s hot to trot?

Bake A Cake is a feel good pop rock tune, with a retro sixties 'down at the dance' vibe fuzzy guitar lick and a take home message. 

3. Who do Hey Geronimo sound like?

Animal House. Bronze Radio Return. Hey Geronimo reminded The AU Review of The Byrds, The Beatles and The Beach Boys. 

4. What have the plastic punchers said about Bake A Cake?

“Left hand turns into hook after hook after hook” – Triple J. 

“A stupidly cheery song” – AAA Backstage. 

“Catchy number” – Mosh Cam. 

5. Which bands have given Hey Geronimo their devil may care attitude? 

Hey Geronimo’s main influences are Weezer, Custard and The Beach Boys.

6. Why should I give Bake A Cake a swish past the ears? 

Bake A Cake is an upbeat number with more sweet innocence than others would have you suppose. 

7. Do Hey Geronimo have any more good tunes?

Stacks. Dreamboat Jack is a top class cracker. I'll Be There is a  sweet beauty that works itself up into a riot, Why Don't We Do Something and The Dan Kelly Song are all just tasters of Hey Geronimo's sunny brilliance.

8. Any more words kemosabe? 

Get on with ya.

“You’ve got to bake a cake from the mistakes you make”

Jim Adkins is the frontman for punk legends Jimmy Eat World. Going through his 'gee I’m just so sure the fans would just love to hear only me and my acoustic; hell no it’s not narcissism, it's for the fans' wank phase, he has actually put together a tune that doesn’t blow donkey balls. I Will Go (2015) is one of six tunes he dropped on an E.P. of the same name and is a Roy Orbison or Travelling Wilburys sounding number. Not total shite.

“The paralyzing truth, I am what I will choose”

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