Thursday, 8 September 2016

Whilk & Misky- All By Myself

     1.    Who are these bohemians? 

     Whilk & Misky are an indie electronic duo from London. The chaps have been releasing music since 2014 and have a short player and a handful of singles on their resume. All By Myself (July'16) is a standalone single.

     2. What is All By Myself about?

     All By Myself is an acoustic, foot tapping, clap-along tune with a brass assist that is all about getting your groove on with no fucks given. Just get your snout in the trough; this tune is more contagious than a cheap Thai hookers sausage smuggler at sun up.

     3. Who do Whilk & Misky sound like?

     Milky Chance and Vance Joy say the folk at Indie Shuffle. 

      4. What have the muppets in the press said about All By Myself?

“Anthem of the summer” – NME. 

     “Infectious groove” – Abduction Radiation.   

     “Uplifting and catchy” – Chrome Music. 

  5. Which bands have put the dance in Whilk & Misky's step? 

  Some of the Whilk & Misky influences are Bob Dylan, Grizzly Bear, Jon Hopkins and Shiba San. 

  6. Why should I give All By Myself a lash?

  All By Myself brings catchy indie pop to a dance beat. Impossible to dislike.

  7. Do Whilk & Misky have any more of these treasures?

  Babe I'm Yours is the one you want.

  8. Any more words Chief?

   Nah. Jog on.

“All by myself I came to party”

Krrum is a music producer from Leeds, England, and an electronic pop musician. Evil Twin is from the man's debut E.P. Evil Twin (Jan'16). Krrum has smooth soulful vocals and with a sticky loop courtesy of the lady, and some slamming brass, Evil Twin is a knockout tune. Clash Music called Krrum “an avant pop prodigy” and Stereogum praised Evil Twin's  “absurdly catchy beat.” Get in to it.

“Looking like a Hitchcock scene,

I’ve been sleeping under trampolines”

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