Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Lulu Raes - Change My Tune

1.    Who are these heroes? 

Gaze on the majesty of The Lulu Raes, an indie pop rock band from Sydney, Australia. Change My Tune is a release from their debut E.P. All Our Parents Are Divorced (Aug'16). 

2. What kind of gas are they burning? 

Change My Tune is a busy little tune that bustles along bursting with energy. With a surf lick and a sunny vibe, and chaneling some Strokes garage slash 60's pop vibe, the tune will get you hot stepping. 

3. Who do The Lulu Raes sound like? 

The Strokes, Animal House and Foster The People.

4. What have the pillocks in the press said about Change My Tune?

“Shifts the band’s bubbly pop-nerd energy to the garage” – Rolling Stone Australia.

“Fucking unique and incomparable” – Wickedd Childd.

“Indie head banger” – AAA Backstage.

5. Whcih bands have influenced The Lulu Raes? 

Some of the main influences are The Strokes, The Pixies, Oasis, The Beatles and Macy Gray.

6. Why should I give Change My Tune a lash?

Change My Tune throws you off your guard, zigging when you think it will zag. That and the 60's surf pop sensibility married to new century garage makes for a trippy little tune with a bit of fire up it's arse.

7. Do The Lulu Raes have any more bangers?

Burnout is another interesting effort.

8. Any more words dude?

Not a dilly. 

“Damned if I do and damned if I don’t”

Two Gallants are an punk and blues-infused folk rock duo from San Francisco, California. They started on their musical odyssey in 2002 and have five long players on their battle honors. Two Gallants are influenced by the blues and bands like Nirvana, Pavement and Operation Ivy. The second album What The Toll Tells (2006) has the bands best two singles on it, Steady Rollin' and Las Cruces Jail. Las Cruces Jail is a romping tune Pitchfork called “a yowling cow-punk stomper.”

“I shot one man on the county line,

Took his dime and I blew his mind”

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