Monday, 12 September 2016

The Strumbellas - We Don't Know

     1.    Who are they?

     The Strumbellas are a Canadian indie folk rock band who’s single Spirits (2015), from their third album Hope (2015), has propelled them to fame and fortune charting number one on the American alternative charts and heading toward one hundred million streams.  We Don’t Know (Apr’16) is the second single from their album Hope

     2. What's the tune like? 

     We Don't Know is a 'pick yourself up by your bootstraps and have faith' tune. Inspirational to some, middle of the road hokey to others. Stadium filler singalong. Wrings the most from the alternating man and his guitar, versus all in, dynamic. You've heard it before. 

     3. Who do The Strumbellas sound like? 

     The Lumineers. The Avett Brothers. Mumford & Sons back in the day. 

     4. What have those cut and paste marvels said about We Don't Know? 

“Sunny chords and bright acoustics” – EW.  

“A folky, foot-stamping tune that builds up momentum all the way to a huge, happy, singalong chorus” – The NY Times. 

“Epic and bombastic” – Sputnik Music.  

5. Which bands have influenced The Strumbellas? 

Ryan Adams, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Carly Rae Jepson are some of the main influences.  

6. Why should I give We Don't Know a listen? 

If you're in the mood We Don't Know is all good rabble-rousing, chest-thumping, we-are-all-in-this-together type stuff.

7. Do The Strumbellas have any more good songs?

Spirits. It's alright.

8. Any more words?

The Strumbellas have made so much coin even Forbes are interested in them. Forget about the exes. 

“It’s hard when you’re living and you don’t feel much”

Candlebox are a grunge band from Seattle, Washington. They started playing together in 1990 and have six albums on their tale of the tape. Candlebox's debut 1993 album Candlebox sold 4 million copies and had their most successful single to date Far Behind (1993) that made it to top ten in the Billboard charts. Far Behind is a song about a friends death from a heroin overdose and is a staple of any 90's rock collection. 

“Now maybe,
I did not mean to treat you bad,
But I did it anyway”

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