Friday, 25 November 2016

Fake Laugh - Ice

1.    Who is he? 

Kamrhan Khan is a DIY indie pop musician from London. He has two E.P.'s and a handful of singles on the market. Ice (July'16) is from his first E.P. Ice (July'16). 

2. What's the tune up to? 

Ethereal vocals float above a perky rush of crunchy rhythm guitar overlaid with occasional flourishes from the keys. Ice is a simple bedroom indie pop melody that gently beguiles you after the initial sugar rush of punky guitar. 

3. Who do Fake Laugh sound like?

The Buzzcocks, Parquet Courts and PAWS. 

4. What's the good word from the press?

“More rock based than previous released songs” -  The Beat Juice.

“Indie pop perfection” – We All Want Someone. 

“Mixes rushed, fuzzed-up guitars with Khan’s distinctive coos” – NME. 

5. Which bands have influenced Fake Laugh?

There is talk of some love for The Beatles, The Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys, The Big Moon and Gengahr. 

6. Why should I give Ice a lash?

The rush of punky guitar at the start.

7. Do Fake Laugh have any more crackers?

Ice is top of the pile.

8. Any more words chief?

Kamrhan Khan plays in the band Oscar.  

“You’re gonna find out,
Why you’re so empty hearted”

The House Of Love are an indie rock band from London, England. They started making music in 1986, disbanded acrimoniously in 1993, and reformed in 2003. They have recorded six albums. The only album to find commercial success was their second album The Butterfly Album (1990) which made it top ten in England and sold over 400 000 copies. The single from it Shine On (1990) went top twenty U.K and top 5 American Alternative Rock charts. Shine On is an English indie anthem and a song Uncut called “a twisting, turning epic almost cast adrift in reverb…a rock behemoth trying to struggle out of an indie caste.”

“In a garden in the house of love, sitting on a plastic chair,

The sun is cruel when he hides away, I need a sister – I’ll just stay”

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