Friday, 4 November 2016

PARTYBABY - New Years 2014 On A Beach (Felicity)

1.    Who are these heroes?

PARTYBABY have landed. These ubermensch are an indie rock band with sides of punk, glam and garage. PARTYBABY fly out of Los Angeles, California. The men have one mini-album to their names, The Golden Age Of Bullshit (Sept' 16). New Years 2014 On A Beach (Felicity) is an album track.

2.    What’s this New Years 2014 On A Beach (Felicity) like then? 

A passionate song of love lost that alternates between police-siren urgency and a big fat wallow in heart-break. All accompanied by the usual tsunami of guitar PARTYBABY are famous for. A brief old school drum and chorus breakdown too. A fucking classy effort.

3. Who do PARTYBABY sound like? 

At the minute FIDLAR, VANT or even SWMRS. It must be the All Caps. Back in the day Green Day, Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins. It must be the ability to whinge when you've got it good.

4. What have the press said about PARTYBABY? 

“Flag-bearers for a whole generation” – DIY.

“Raw and authentic” – Ones To Watch.

“Undoubtedly and unabashedly, the real deal” – Paste Magazine.

5. Which bands are the air beneath PARTYBABY's wings?

Some of the band's PARTYBABY like are Everclear, Primal Scream, Sparklehorse, Fat Boy Slim and SWMRS. 

6. Why should I give this fresh new shit a whip past the ears? 

For the tsunami of guitar PARTYBABY produce after the slow buildup. A fresh mix of old ideas with hot production. These are the heirs to the throne of alternative American rock'n'roll; I shit you not.

7. Do PARTYBABY have any more bangers? 

Fuck yes. Your Old Man is a fresh, savage, garage/glam rock attack on the senses that packs more wallop than a steel-capped boot to the taint. Overload is the album reprise, two minutes of a drunk man croaking along, playing his acoustic at 5 a.m. that explodes into a raging torrent of theatrical glam rock. 

8. Any more words numpty?

Noah Gersh was a guitarist with Portugal. The Man and Jamie Shefman is a producer and engineer, most notably on the last two 30 Seconds To Mars albums. 

“I see you, sweet Felicity,
The way you move is killing me” 

Ex Cops are an indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York. They have recorded two albums. Ex Cops sound a lot like classic English indie bands like James, Travis or Teenage Fanclub. They are influenced by Kiwi indie too so there is a bit of The Chills there too. Ex Cops debut album True Hallucinations (2013) contained the gem James. Not to be confused with the band James that it sounds a lot like. Pitchfork called James“an exercise in indie-pop classicism” and it is.James is the quintessence of English indie.

“Thinking about what it all has to do”

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