Saturday, 12 November 2016

Schmutzki - Hey Haters

1.    Who are these sharp dressed men?

Schmutzki are a punk pop rock band from Stuttgart, Germany. They kicked shit into action in 2011. Hey Haters (July’16) is the lead single from their second long player Spackos Forever (Aug’16). 

2. What kind of treasure is this Hey Haters

Football singing, verse and chorus, set to a raucous punk tune. A fighting song with a drum and vocals breakdown. Fucking perfection. 

3. Who do Schmutzki sound like? 

Blink-182 (back in the day), Offspring and Brings. 

4. What have those panty sniffers in the press said about the album Spackos Forever?

“The spirit and power of the youth” – Mwie Metal Blog.   

“Powerful and upbeat punk rock” – Kalle Rock. 

“Fine fucking tunes” – YouTube Comments.

5. Which bands flew the flag for Schmutzki?

The bands Schmutzki like the best are The Clash, The Misfits, Kraftklub and Die Toten Hosen.

6. Why should I give Hey Haters a lash?

Hey Haters will get your back up, raise your fist in the air, sing and dance like you just don't care. A rabble-rouser. 

7. Do Schmutzki have anymore of these fine fucking treasures?

Sauflied is the best song Schmutzki have to offer. Pure party in a can.

8. Any more words?

Jog on. 

Brings are a carnival rock band from Cologne, Germany. Started in 1990 they have fourteen albums under their wings. Man Musste Noch Mal 20 Sein (2005) is from their tenth album Su Lang Mer Noch Am Laave Sin. The song has more than a hint of the Scottish bagpipes to it from the guitars and is the kind of tune you'd march along singing to. Half a million views for a non-video track can't be all wrong.