Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Friendship Park - Mushy Mushy, Nice Nice

1.    Who are these chaps?

Friendship Park are Joshua Jouppi and Justin Lawes. They are a math folk-pop duo from Detroit and Brooklyn. They've banged out a handful of singles since 2014. Mushy Mushy, Nice Nice (Sept'16) is a stand-alone single.

2. What have they got to say for themselves?

Mushy Mushy, Nice Nice is indie music's raison d'etre. A wealth of brilliant, left-field, musical ideas all placed together into a wonderful melange. The kooky math-pop opening moves into indie pop-rock with some drum kicking in and a gang vocal chorus. A chorus so addictive people should be selling it in small bags on street corners. 

3. Who do Friendship Park sound like?

Josh thinks their sound falls in between Javelin and Maps and Atlases while also mentioning Jr. Jr. (formerly Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.) as a big influence.

4. What have the press said about Mushy Mushy, Nice Nice

“A song to slap a smile on your face and make your ass shake. Top class” – YouTube Comments.

“An intricately constructed indie pop tour de force. Sing along stuff” - The Best Indie Songs. 

5. Which bands have provided the inspiration for Friendship Park? 

Some of their main influences include Jr. Jr. , Future Islands, Javelin, Maps and Atlases and STRFKR.

6. Why should I give Mushy Mushy, Nice Nice a whip past the ears?

Mushy Mushy, Nice Nice is an intricately constructed indie pop tour de force. Sing along stuff. Infectious.

7. Do Friendship Park have any more of these solid gold masterpieces?

Don't know. 

8. Any more words?

Not a sausage. 

Monster Truck are a hard blues rock band from Hamilton, Canada. Rocking harder than Dwayne Johnson's erection since 2009 they have two albums on their battle honors. Monster Truck sound like Wolfmother grew a pair or an intense version of The Sheepdogs. Monster Truck are influenced by bands like Lynard Skynard, Grand Funk Railroad and Jimi Hendrix as well as Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine. From Monster Truck's second E.P. The Brown E.P. (2012) came their break through hit Righteous Smoke, a bombastic, riff-heavy, band chant-along, stomper of a track that re-invents the classic rock wheel.

“I was born in the fields,

The dirt my only home”

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