Friday, 2 December 2016

Band Of Horses - Casual Party

1.    Who are these happy chaps? 

Band Of Horses are an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington. They started playing together in 2004 and Casual Party (April’16) is the lead song from Band Of Horses’ fifth album Why Are You Ok? (June’16). Casual Party is the band’s most successful single in the charts.

2. What kind of tune is Casual Party?

Casual Party is a mellow rocker with a hint of southern rock and something to say about the mundane and trivial moments in life and inane conversation. It grooves.

3. Who do Band Of Horses sound like? 

Kings Of Leon, Band Of Skulls and My Morning Jacket

4. What have the press said about Casual Party?

“Upbeat with significant guitar riffs” – Outlet Mag.

“A giddy, New Order-like, guitar rush” – The Guardian.

“As fun-loving as they come” – DIY. 

5. Which band lit Band Of Horses' fire?

The bands that influenced them are Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, The Black Lips, Grandaddy and Built To Spill. 

6. Why should I give Casual Party a fair crack of the whip?

Casual Party choogles along. 

7. Do Band Of Horses have any more decent tunes? 

The epic indie rock anthem The Funeral has 50 million plays between two different versions and is well up for it. Is There A Ghost is a bt of a cracker too. 

8. Any more words son?

Jason Lytle from Grandaddy produced the album Why Are You Ok? 

“Awful conversation at the casual party,

The job, the babble on, the recreational hobbies, oh”

HLAH (Head Like A Hole) are one of New Zealand's most popular and successful rock bands. Formed in 1992 they are still going strong and have recorded ten albums. HLAH are influenced by bands like Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Fugazi and Nirvana. In 1997 they released a video of their Bruce Springsteen cover I'm On Fire and the cunts fucking smashed it. No other version compares to their earnest delivery with the oh-my-fucking-god-I'm-gonna-lose-it rock out at the end. HLAH are heroes to a grateful nation for delivering this manna from heaven.

“Hey little girl is your daddy home?

Did he go and leave you all alone?”

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