Friday, 2 December 2016

Jamie T - Tescoland

1.    Who’s this? 

Jamie T is a popular indie rock/alternative hip hop artist from London, England. He started cranking out the tunes in 2005 and Tescoland (Nov’16) is the third single from his third album Trick (Sept’16). The album Trick reached #3 on the U.K. album charts. 

2. What's this Tescoland like? 

Tescoland is an upbeat, handclappy, punk effort with a bouncy beat and a side of ska. Like any good fighter Jamie T mixes it up.

3. Who does Jamie T sound like? 

The Clash, Rat Boy and The Kooks. 

4. What's the good word from the papers? 

“The riffed-up reggae of ‘Tescoland’ is worthy of a sneaky place on ‘Combat Rock’” – NME.

“Would not be out of place amongst the livelier tracks by The Clash” – The Edge.

“Propelled by a chugging, breezy Clash-influenced guitar line” – Headstuff. 

5. Which bands inspired Jamie T?

The main influences on the new album are The Clash, Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys, Slaves and Wu-Tang Clan.

6. Why should I give Tescoland a spin? 

The multi-dimensional rhythms and the old school punk make Tescoland special.

7. Does Jamie T have any more tunes worth a poke? 

Zombie was NME's song of the year in 2014, another ska tinged singalong and hands down his best track. Robin Hood is another Clash-esque banger and Hocus Pocus is top notch n'all. 

8. Any more words Johnny?

Get your snout in the trough of Jamie T's goodness.

“But it’s hard for Americans,
To really understand”

Talisco is Jerome Amandi, an electro-folk musician from Bordeaux, France. His music is produced in English and is similar to The Mowglis, Team Me or Satellite Stories. His debut album was Run (2014) and the hit single was an indie dance pop song The Keys. The Keys is feel- good, inspirational bombast.

“You have the magic core,
Feel free to see once more”

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