Saturday, 10 December 2016

D.I.D. (Dog Is Dead) - Killer Whale

1.    Who are these marvels? 

D.I.D. (formerly Dog Is Dead) are an English indie pop band from Nottingham. They have been cranking out masterpieces since 2007 and Killer Whale (Nov'16) is a single from their second album The State We're In (Dec'16). 

2. What kind of tune are they slinging? 

Killer Whale is a meaningful indie pop number driven by choral vocals reminiscent of Queen, African rhythms and a little something to say on the subject of bullying. 

3. Who do D.I.D. sound like?

Queen, Peace and The Kinks. 

4. What have the press said about Killer Whale? 5. Which bands have inspired D.I.D.?

“A thoroughly uplifting piece of music” – Busk Music.

“A superb piece of indie pop that has ‘hit single’ written all over it” – Left Lion.

“Five piece harmonies, carnival-esque rhythms and sugared hooks” – Clash Music.

5. Which bands have inspired D.I.D.? 

The bands main influences are Dire Straits, Cap'n Jazz, Bruce Springsteen, The Talking Heads and The Beach Boys.

6. Why should I give Killer Whale a quick listen? 

The vocal harmonies are infectious. 

7. Do D.I.D. have any more good tunes? 

Hotel is a retro-seventies big glam-rock riffing monster and their best tune. Talk Through The Night is low-key indie pop loveliness. Glockenspiel Song is a quirky piece of indie pop with more big choral harmonies. 

8. Any more words? 


“The other kids can be cold as ice for the most of it”

Wesley Fuller plays retro-sixties and seventies indie pop rock. He sounds like The Beatles and T. Rex. His main influences are The Zombies, The Mamas and The Papas, The Sweet and Sly & The Family Stone. Melvista (June'16) is Wesley Fuller's first single and the title track of his debut E.P. The song is a ringer for Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mitch and Titch's Hold Tight!  and is a cracking sixties garage pop rocker that prompted NME to say, “We cover guitar songs on this blog a lot, but rarely do they sound so full of life and energetic as this track.”

“I probably should have kissed her but I haven’t the chance”

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