Monday, 5 December 2016

The Rifles - Groundhog Day


1. Who are these heroes? 

The Rifles are one of the finest indie rock bands England has ever produced. Hailing from London, England, they have been smashing it since 2004. Groundhog Day (April'16) is the third single from their fifth album Big Life (Aug'16). 

2. What kind of tune is Groundhog Day?

A chippy little indie rocker with a sticky riff, sweet harmonies and a melancholy story about people trapped in shit jobs in shit places. A bit English. Good but. 

3. Who do The Rifles sound like? 

The Jam, The Smiths and The Clash. 

4. What is the good word about Groundhog from our friends in the press?

“Showcases a band at the peak of their confidence” – Vents Magazine.

“Another catchy tune” – Read Junk.

“Lively opener” – Music OMH. 

5. Which bands put the bang in The Rifles' powder?

The Rifles main influences are The Clash, The Jam, The Libertines, Ash, Guns 'N Roses and Van Morrison. 

6. Why should I give Groundhog a lash? 

Because it's quintessentially English; stiff upper lip and all that. Great rhythm too; quirky.

7. Do The Rifles have any more lovely tunes? 

Sure as shit they do. Wall Around Your Heart and Heebie Jeebies both bang harder that a short time Bangkok hooker. 

8. Any more words muppet? 

Big Life was produced by The Rifles regular collaborator Charles Rees (Paul Weller, The Strypes, Albert Hammond).

“Gotta keep my chin up”

Tom Morello is a stone cold legend; the guitarist and singer for two of the best bands to ever walk gods green earth; Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave. These days he's playing with The Prophets Of Rage. He took time to collaborate with X Ambassadors on the song Collider (Aug'16). The song has a monster Rage Against The Machine riff and that's about it. That's enough. Tom Morello called the riff a "Valhalla-raising riff monster" and I Am High Voltage said it 'cuts a groove like a bansaw."

“Feel the devils, approaching, approaching, approaching me”

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