Saturday, 1 April 2017

3108 - The Shining

1.    Who are 3108? 

3108 are a lo-fi, garage pop band from London, England.  The Shining is from their second album BLU (Feb’17). 

2. What kind of song is The Shining

An eclectic, melodic, garage-pop tune with organ and a sense of humor. Great phrasing, a choppy, dancefloor-filling, rhythm, and God honest, hard cranking, garage guitar elevate The Shining into a sparkling pop gem. 

3. Who do 3108 sound like? 

BRONCHO, The Clean and Kissing Is A Crime.

4. What have the press said about 3108? 

“Thrilling homemade pop” – All Music.

     “The work of a lo-fi master” – All Music. 

      “Brilliant future pop” – All Music.

 5. Who are 3108's influences?

The main influences are Joy Division, The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, Pere Ubu and Monks. There's also love for The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays, The Charlatans, James and The Wedding Present too.

6. Why should I give The Shining a listen? 

Because you appreciate under-appreciated indie pop rock gems. Because you need to feel the rush of discovering music with a genuine heart. Because of the spectacular sound of the relentless guitaring in the background.

7. What are 3108's best songs? 

One Of The Ceased is sweet garage pop with guitar cranking hard in the background. Ease Up does anything but; careening forward at breakneck pace, barely lasting two furious minutes. Neon Crush is bubbling synth and bouncy frenetic rhythms.

8. Any more words?  

Kyle Hill writes and records all the music on his albums.

 The Shining was featured on Jonathan Hunt and Cloudy Sc's Indie Rock Playlist (March'17). 

“Breaking plates, kicking through doors,

Effing, blinding, shaking the floor”

The Growlers are a surf-garage rock band from Dana Point, California. They have been playing since 2006 and have six long players. The Growlers sound like together PANGEA, The Night Beats and The Allah La's. They are influenced by The Beach Boys, Lee Scratch Perry and Johnny Cash. Humdrum Blues is a song from their E.P. Not. Psych! (2013). Humdrum Blues is an off-kilter sixties pop song with a genuine heart.

“She wants something tangible, like a ring on her hand”

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