Friday, 14 April 2017

SuperGlu - Dreams

1. Who are SuperGlu? 

SuperGlu are an indie rock band with punk/pop/grunge influences. Hailing from Manningtree, England, they have been playing together since 2014. SuperGlu have one E.P. in the vault and Dreams (Nov'16) is a standalone single. 

2. Do they have the goods? 

And then some. This is the Real McCoy. Dreams is classic pop punk musically but it's a song with integrity at it's heart. Monster riffs, joyous vocals, and more bounce than a kangaroo on meth. Dreams is so instantly infectious it needs to come with a WHO warning.  

3. Who do SuperGlu sound like? 

Weezer meets Blink-182, and PARTYBABY.

4. What have the press said about Dreams?

“A vivacious, joy-filled creation” – Gig Slutz.

“Annoyingly catchy indie-pop by an irritatingly cheerful bunch” – Louder Than War.

“Raw punk energy streams through straightaway” – Music Of The Future.

5. Which bands influenced SuperGlu? 

They aren't saying.

6. Why should I give Dreams a whirl? 

Because you like the sound of 90's pop punk. Because SuperGlu do it better.

7. What are SuperGlu's best songs? 

Dreams is a bulls-eye, no doubt, but it's also a gateway to Simmer Down. That song is some next level shit. Simmer Down is all about a slow, orgiastic build; luxuriating in the lyrics and entrancing rhythms before it goes balls to the wall in the blowout. Championship-winning indie rock. Rounder is a more garage-pop tune and it's fucking outstanding too.

8. Any more words? 

Dreams has had over 100,000 Spotify plays which is worth about $500. The record company would rather sell a C.D.

“If wake up screaming in the morning,
Baby hold me close”

Friska Viljor are an indie pop duo from Stockholm, Sweden. They started making music in 2005 and have recorded six albums. Friska Viljor are generally similar to Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes, and Of Monsters and Men. They are influenced by beer. My Boys is a single from their sixth album My Name Is Friska Viljor (2015). My Boys is a poppy piece of malarky but the chorus with violin is a lovely little charger.  The song has been described as, “like a hurricane whipping a legion of musical elements and nostalgic moments up into the eye of its melodic storm.”

“No weight upon my chest”

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