Thursday, 5 April 2018

Bad Nerves - Last Beat

1.    Who are they? 

Bad Nerves are a garage pop/punk rock band from East London, England. Last Beat (Aug'17) is the B-side to their Radio Punk single. The chaps have a handful of singles to their name.

2. What are Bad Nerves packing?

Last Beat is a fiery and urgent rock'n'roll. The tune is no frills and races in at the two minute mark. Explosive garage rock that feels exciting and immediate.

3. Who do they sound like?

4. What have the press said about Bad Nerves?
“Thrilling power pop rock’n’roll” – High Clouds.

“Undeniably joyous” – Read Dork.
“Scuzzier than ever” – DIY.

5. Which bands give Bad Nerves a chubby?

David Bowie, The Ramones, The Clash, Ty Segall, and Jay Reatard. 

6. Why should I give Last Beat a spin?
Because you love furious rock'n'roll that don't take a breath. 

7. Have they got any more pearlers?

Check out the A-side Radio Punk.

8. Any more words?

Get on with ya. 

Superorganism are an indie pop buzz band from East London. They evolved out of The Eversons. Everybody Wants To Be Famous (Jan'18) is their fourth, and most popular, single from their debut album Superorganism (March'18). An album some reviewers lost their shit over. Superorganism sound like STRFKR or MGMT. Everybody Wants To Be Famous is both melancholic indie pop and breezy effervescence at the same time.

 “Feeling like a boss and staring at the stars”

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