Sunday, 22 April 2018

Goodbye Blue Monday - Take Your Pills

1. Who are they?

A Scottish punk rock band. Pop punk if you must. From Glasgow and playing together since 2013. Take Your Pills (Jan'18) is from their E.P. The Sickness, The Shame (Feb'18).

2. What kind of tasty treat?

Angry punk with a shout along chorus, meaty riffs, a breakdown and all the frills. No lacking of twists and turns. Intelligent rock.

3. Who do Goodbye Blue Monday sound like?

The Menzingers, The Flatliners, and Red Radio City.

4. What is the word from the press?

“The worst I can say is I wish there was more” – Dying Scene.
“It’s got everything I want in punk rock” – Colin’s Punk Rock World.
“Barnstormer of a chorus laid over some intricate verses” – Punk Online.

5. Which bands do they like?

They are influenced by Dillinger Four, The Menzingers, Against Me!, The Flatliners, and Alkaline Trio.

6. Why should I listen?

Because you love your punk with something interesting to say and a clever way of saying it. Because you pogo in basements. Because you create the bandwagon.

7. Have they got any more bangers?

Title track The Sickness, The Shame.

8. Any last words?

Get in on this band early doors.

The Woahnows are an indie punk (noisy pop) band from Plymouth, England. They have been playing together since 2012. They have been compared to Husker Du, and The X-Certs, but I'm feeling more Australian punk like Royal Headache. Life In Reverse is from their debut album Understanding and Everything Else (2015). Wait for it because it starts out grungy and works up to shout-along.

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