Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Last Gang - Turn The Record Over

1. Who are they?

The Last Gang are a punk rock band from Orange County, California, playing together since 2004. Turn The Record Over is from their debut album Keep The Counting (March'18).

2. What have they got?

Punk rock with gang vocals. Derivative and concise. No reinventing the wheel here.

3. Who do they sound like?

The Interrupters, Rancid, and The Distillers. 

4. What have the keyboard punchers said?

"Not afraid to cram in hooks alongside the singalong choruses" - New Noise Magazine.

"High energy, pop-infused street punk" - Dying Scene.

"Crisp production and good songwriting throughout" - Punk News.

5. Who are they influenced by?

Rancid, The Clash, and Misfits.

6. Why should I give the tune a spin?

Because you remember when Rancid sounded exciting.

7. Do they have any more good uns? 

8. Anything else?


“I got my radio blaster, I got my one telecaster”

RVIVR are a punk rock band from Olympia, Washington. They have been playing together since 2008 and have two albums in the bag. The Tide (Dec’16) comes from the E.P. of the same name. The Tide is a fist thumping, lo-fi punk song with catchy riffs, traded male/female vocals, and an honest lead guitar break. As gritty as her crack when you are fucking on the beach. 
“Choking on your words like the cops are coming”

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