Saturday, 12 May 2018

Dead Natives - Keep This In Mind

1. Who?

Dead Natives are an indie rock band from London. They formed in 2015 and so far they  only have singles and E.P's to show for themselves. Keep This In Mind (Feb'18) is a stand alone single.

2. What?

Keep This In Mind bursts out of the traps with layered guitars reminiscent of Oasis when they were vital. The tune has some strut, laying down snarling lyrics about living large as a free spirit,“Yeah, I’ll burn the candle at both ends baby, but I don’t live in hypocrisy, ” before the chorus rises on a Nirvana-lite explosion before swirling into psych-rock eddies. An assured outing from these ne'er-do-wells.

3. Who do Dead Natives sound like?

Darlia, Oasis, and Kasabian.

4. What have the rags said about Keep This In Mind?
“Tighter than previous music” – Emerging Indie Bands.
“90’s grunge sounds with indie riffs” – Halfway2Nowhere.
“Bold and swaggering” – Gigslutz.   

5. Which bands have influenced Dead Natives?
Oasis, Catfish and The Bottlemen, and Blossoms.

6. Why should I give the tune a spin? 

Quite the mélange of influences.

7. Do they have any other bangers?
No. But I Got Menace isn't too shabby.

8. Any extras?

 “You tell me I’m a fool for the things I say”

Dead! are an indie rock band from London. Golden Age Of Not Even Trying (Oct'17) is the title song from their debut album Golden Age Of Not Even Trying (Jan'18). Their style veers wildly from hardcore punk to emo and rock. They have been compared to Palaye Royale, My Chemical Romance, and Creeper. Clash said the album, “nailed the knack of constructing brash, ballsy, and boisterous sonic burning effigies.” The album is choc full of fucking bangers. The song Golden Age Of Not Trying sounds like peak The Killers but it's just an entry level taster from a vital new band.

“It’s rare to stand by anything we say,
These days we are all whores”

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