Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Low Cut High Tops - Typical

1.    Who?

Low Cut High Tops is David Burns, a multi-instrumentalist who records and produces his own grunge-pop music. From Seattle, he has one album to his name, the brilliant Eh, Whatever (2016). Typical (April'18) is a stand alone single.

2. What?

Typical is a Nirvana-esque banger with heartfelt lyrics. The chorus takes flight light a jet fighter flyover. Done and dusted in two minutes.

3. Who do Low Cut High Tops sound like?

The Breeders, Nirvana, and Pixies.

4. What have the press said about Typical? 

“Unwashed garage rock” – Steemit.

“Would have been huge on 90’s college radio” – We Are The Guard.

“One of those artists that can amaze you if you let allow them to” – xKira Music.

5. Which bands influenced Low Cut High Tops?

Nirvana, Weezer, John Cougar Mellencamp and Buddy Holly.

6. Why should I give the tune a go?

Typical is the sound of a contradiction. Music made with no fucks given by someone who clearly cares a lot. The results are explosive and compelling listening.

7. Does he have any more bangers?

Oh yes. Raise Hell and Lonely and Cold just for starters.

8. Any more words?

David Burns quit a record deal at 17 over artistic differences then dropped out of art school to make music. 

“Pick up the phone I know it’s right next to you,

Are you with some other dude? You know I always stay true”

The Crispies are a garage rock band from Vienna, Austria. They sound like The Orwells or PARTYBABY. Easy (Oct'17) is the first single from their second album Fake Leather (March'18). Fake Leather sees the band melding their hip hop influences and original garage rock into a more mainstream sound. Easy hews closer too the old rock sound and while it hasn't taken the world by storm but it's not too shit though.

“Why are my friends always high?”

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