Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Frights - Crutch

1. Who?

The Frights are a garage band from San Diego, California. Crutch (May'18) is the first single from their third album.

2. What?

Standard issue surf punk noise. Mixes melodic, suspenseful, verses with full-tit, rock out choruses; with a modicum of expertise.

3. Who do The Frights sound like?


4. What have the rags said about Crutch

“A pummeling, high energy track” – DIY. 

“Chugging guitars come head to head with cymbal smashing percussion” – The Line Of Best Fit. 

“Incendiary first excerpt” – Son Of Marketing. 

5. Which bands influenced The Frights?

The Frights were influenced by bands like Rancid, The Offspring, Black Flag, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Social Distortion.

6. Why should I listen to The Frights?

Because you don't have enough surf punk in your life. Because you like your punk hey diddle, diddle, straight down the middle.

7. Do The Frights have any other good tunes?

Hell yeah. Kids is basement punk with a rockabilly side done right.

8. Anything else?


For better or worse State Champs are a popular version of American pop-punk. They are from Albany, New York, and have been playing together since 2010. Bands typically associated with State Champs are All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The Wonder Years. Their influences are Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy. Dead and Gone (April'18) is the lead single from the State Champs' third album Living Proof (June'18). Dead and Gone is the type of cotton candy State Champs have teased in the past but, now they have gone all-in. It's bombastic, meaningless, vacuous, trite, shite. As contagious as a hobos foreskin in summer though. A guilty pleasure.

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