Wednesday, 9 May 2018

State Line Syndicate - Bones

1.    Who?

State Line Syndicate are a retro pop-punk group with a righteous edge and an honest core. They fight out of L.A. and are one album to the good. Bones (Jan'18)  is a stand alone single.

2. What?

A snappy pop-punk tune that oozes honesty wrapped in a pop-punk wrapper. You get whats on the label.

3. Who do State Line Syndicate sound like?

The Offspring, Alkaline Trio, and The Ataris.

4. What have the press said? 

“Loaded with punk rock bravado” – New Noise Magazine.
“Honors the past but looks to the future” – Distrolution.
“Fucking intense!” – YouTube Comments.

5. Which bands influenced State Line Syndicate?

Green Day, Weezer, Blink-182, and MxPx.

6. Why should I listen to Bones?

Because although some 'pop-punk' seems like an affront to humanity, these guys do it with a healthy dose of vitality, honesty, and maturity. 

7. Do they have any other bangers?

This Bleeding Heart and Borrowed Time.

8. Any more words?

They covered Responsibility by MxPx.

Spanish Love Songs are an indie rock/punk band from Los Angeles. They have been playing together since 2014. Spanish Love Songs have been compared to The Menzingers and Red Radio City. They are influenced by Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker. Spanish Love Songs have recorded two albums and Joana, In Five Acts (Jan'18) is the lead single from their second album Schmaltz (March'18). It is a deeply personal song of loss and despair and Dying Scene gave the album a five star rating noting "these sad sack anthems" might just be "2018's first great album".

“So, why’d you have to leave without me?”

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