Thursday, 24 May 2018

SHARP/SHOCK - Troublemaker

1.    Who?

SHARP/SHOCK are a punk band from Southern California. The singer and guitarist are British/Kiwi. SHARP/SHOCK started in 2015 and Troublemaker (Oct'17) is the third single from their debut album Unlearn Everything (2017).

2. What?

Classic British punk with a ska undertone but a modern drum sound. Clash guitar and Jam vocals while the bass bubbles and the drums drive hard to the finish line. No-ones reinventing the wheel here.

3. Who do SHARP/SHOCK sound like?

The Spitfires, The Clash, and The Jam.

4. What is the good word on Troublemaker?

“Fucking ace!” - YouTube Comments. 
“Love this music”- YouTube Comments. 
“Absolutely love it” – YouTube Comments. 

5. Which bands have influenced SHARP/SHOCK?
Oasis, The Cure, Madness, The English Beat, and The Specials.

6. Why should I give Troublemaker a spin?

You like The Jam. You like classic roots, rock, reggae.

7. Have they got any other bangers?

8. Any more words?
SHARP/SHOCK released their second album Youth Club today.

“You wrote ‘I Fought The Law’,
But the law won that day”

Autonomics are an garage rock/power pop band from Portland, Oregon. They have been making tunes since 2008 and have one album Debt Sounds (2017). Autonomics have been compared to The Thermals and The Dandy Warhols. They are influenced by Japandroids and The Strokes. Bad Blood is an album track from Debt Sounds and Japandroids come through thick on this one. Fucking quality. Autonomics are a band on the rise.

“We drove away from the city, drove away from the city
We were never gonna die, we were never gonna die”

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